HPI for Error Reduction in Healthcare

Joe Estey, Jr. makes his first appearance in our One Point Taken vlog discussing how HPI principles could positively impact error reporting in healthcare. Based on the April HPRCT (A Learning Community) webinar, Joe sat down for a high-level interview on a major theme from Ed's presentation.

The US healthcare industry and global healthcare alike undergo multi-step processes for every patient they see. The more steps in a process the more error traps present.

Enjoy this 13-minute microlearning where Joe describes how Human Error isn't really the stopping point of investigations, confirms Ed Kline's beginning process of mapping and provides actionable techniques to help employees work through "Fear of Reprimand."

Whether you work in healthcare, the ESH&Q space, education space, paper & pulp space, manufacturing, or energy spaces, this discussion will make you stop and look at your internal reporting practices.

If your organization has experienced a safety event, would like to improve corporate culture, look at the true metrics for your company or offer individual coaching to your employees - the OPT can serve as the catalyst for improvement in your organization.

The full HPRCT presentation can be viewed here.