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For 25 years, Lucas Engineering and Management Services, Inc. has delivered performance. The breadth and ability of our talent exemplifies the philosophy of “Expertise born out of experience.” Lucas works in high-risk operations, providing clients with subject matter experts, project managers and engineering services. 

The Organizational Performance Team (OPT) grew out of demand 10 years ago by our clients, and continues today. The original market for Conduct of Operations and Human Performance Improvement expanded into Root Cause Analysis, Conduct of Work, leadership development and safety management.

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OPT Leadership Team

Lloyd Keith


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Nationally recognized human performance and conduct of operations practitioner with a reactor operator and training management background. Lloyd brings innovative techniques to improve safety, operations, and business practices. Expertise includes technical systems and fundamentals training, disciplined operations principles, instructional design, and technical training.



Estey, Sr.

Senior Performance Improvement Specialist

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Nationally reputed human performance practitioner facilitating organization pivots to improve safety, efficiencies and business practices. Expertise includes industrial systems, High Reliability Organization principles, instructional design and technical training.

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