Continuing Education Events

The OPT is committed to providing organizations with the building blocks necessary to promote performance within their organization. 

Every month a free 1-hour training is available to all on topics ranging from Leadership, Human Performance Improvement, Health & Safety and much more.  

CEE On-Demand

Examining three stories of business changes.  Breaking down the environment these changes took place in and how an HPI, wholistic approach, would have affected these events. 

Change Management and The Control Imperative: Why do some improvement ideas flourish while others flounder? 


Weekly micro-learnings from the OPT on topics of corporate culture, Human Performance Improvement, OSHA safety, Operations Management and First Aid.

Join our Performance Improvement Specialists every Wednesday for these 30-minute programs or watch now!

OPT On-Demand

Applying HPI safeguards to your winter weather activities will better protect your health and those around you. 

Looking to Fail…In Order to Succeed: How Mobilizing a Saturation Diving System Can Increase Your Organizational Performance. 

OPT’s Our Performance Tips Webinar this week will provide some insight on how to look at the new career map – discover your passion, consider gig employment, create mentoring opportunities, boost your knowledge, polish your resume and shine on social media.

The body doesn’t store oxygen; it must continually be replenished and recirculated throughout the body. 

Supplemental oxygen can increase energy, but too much leads to oxygen toxicity.  

Do you know when you've been exposed to bloodborne pathogens? Most people know the traditional exposures. But, what about the unexpected?  

Little did most of us know that Mr. Yuk would be our first look into how our parents communicated the hazards of chemicals to us!

Learn how casinos distract us into giving up our cash, the seductive efforts of email & cell phones and why our attention is fast becoming a scarce resource, especially with today’s technology. Learn some valuable tools to help you climb through life’s distractions and reach your personal summit! 

Many of us conduct interviews regardless of our profession; from First Responders to Human Resource professionals, retrieving information is crucial to any organization, but many of us haven't been trained how to search for pieces of hidden knowledge. 

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