Our assessment tools are industry leading & full-scope, evaluating your workplace events, overall corporate culture, training needs and front-line & management efficiencies.

Not everyone is 100% safe, transparent, efficient or trained. What we humbly bring to the table is a vast amount of
experience in designing, operating and maintaining a variety of unique systems designed to be operated by
humans for a specific purpose.


Was it a singular event or part of a chain reaction? Determine the a sustainable action plan. 


Seeing the larger picture of our client's operation as they continue the daily tasks of their industry. 


Assessing the client's foundational skill set to determine where further development is needed in their space. 


Because of the ever-changing dynamics, it is key for an organization to get the pulse of its culture.

If you'd known ahead of time there was a problem, how much time could you have saved?

We work with you to eliminate blind spots!

Lucas will identify and provide actionable steps filling your knowledge gap, increase efficiency, cultivate leaders for your organization and reduce your safety risks.

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