Our training is delivered in an interactive & informative format that is educational, retrainable engaging and applicable.

4 Development Paths |
Limitless Growth Potential

• Human Performance Improvement (HPI)
• Leadership Development
• Safety & Health
• Talent Development

Afternoon Class Session Facilitator Skil
Chelan PUD MIT Beer Game Traing 2
CONOPS Course Training 600632 - I 201905
Team at Wood
HPI Fundamentals Day I
Eryn at WRPSpeed


The framework of Human Performance is captured in five guiding principles.


Leadership skills are
learned & practiced to be perfected.

Health & Safety

We’ve untangled the red tape of safety regulations.

Talent Development

We help experts to become trainers in their field.

What courses are best for you and your team? 

Due to the global COVID-19 global disruption, Lucas OPT™ offers virtual  trainings wherever possible. Courses subject to regulatory oversight, requiring in person instruction follow all current COVID-19 safety protocols. 


Courses are offered in-person and virtually.

On- Demand coming soon!

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