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A Culture of Change | Intro to a 3 Part Series

With regards to change, I think it’s safe to say the year 2020 certainly knocked the teeth out of the typical reply one would hear when a person asks the question, “Why don’t we try…?”

Let’s face it, what’s the response we’re always accustomed to hearing? “We’ve always done it that way”.

Right? Now I’m not sure how many others share my sentiment, but that classic idiom passed the stage of being idiotic years ago. Change is a part of everyday life, comes at us fast, and rarely asks us for permission to enter into our world. Sometimes change has us feeling like we’ve been shoved through a garlic press, while at other times, comes on a little less pungent. Some changes we have control over. Others, not so much.

Change is a part of everyday life, comes at us fast, and rarely asks us for permission to enter into our world.

We often resisted change due in part to the unfamiliarity that typically pulls up

alongside it. Without a doubt, the changes of 2020 have consistently hit us between the eyes more often than Apollo Creed thumped Rocky Balboa.

We’ve been beat up. Does it make change any easier to accept or deal with it? For a few maybe, for a few others, maybe not.

Hopefully though, in some sort of fashion, we’ve been able to pick up the “Oh Sh*t, Not You Again?!” door mat and come up with a better way to greet change when it does come knocking at our front door.

One thing we can count on…it will surely pay us all another visit.

What about change within an organization?

What’s that look like? Can change impact an organizations culture? I’d debate that yes, it does. In this series, we’ll look through the change/culture/impact lens at three organizations involved in driving, drinking and flying. I'll show you how they adapted to change and how that adaptation…changed their culture.

We will look at how a $250 million dollar change drove into a $350 million dollar failure. Next we'll explore how a beverage maker poisoned itself with the very product they changed, all in order to add new customers. Third we'll look at an airline company who threw away the “that’s the way we’ve always done it” mindset, made a ton of money and forever changed the way we fly…or at least how we pay for it!

So let’s go for a ride.


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