Managing Change

Change Management and The Control Imperative: Why do some improvement ideas flourish while others flounder? 

What causes a successful idea implemented in one organization to produce unintended consequences and more problems than the initial ideas was created to solve? We experience change on a routine basis, both organizationally and individually. Our most motivated, well intentioned change management attempts surprisingly leave a wake of unwanted, unexpected outcomes.

During this discussion, Joe Estey, Sr. will share the practical insights and experiences gained from working with successful leaders who have learned to stay in control personally and professionally, when the rest of the world appears to be spinning out of it.

Friday, February 26th, 2021 @11:30am PST



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The instructors represent the client with highest regards during class sessions. You would not know that they aren’t CHPRC employees when presenting CHPRC courses. They use the pronoun’s “We” and “Us”, and I think it has a positive effect on the outcome and what we want to achieve. I would definitely recommend Lucas OPT™ to others for training instructors.

Rob Schroeder | CHPRC

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