The Miracle Fiber

Asbestos, sometimes called the wonder mineral or miracle fiber, has been used in everything from napkins to fire-proofing. 


However, the fibrous form of the mineral causes sicknesses and death the world over. With countries, including the US, still producing and importing the mineral, it is incredibly important to understand where & how it is used, ways of avoiding the harmful state and proper safety procedures.   


Join Mike Moore, President of American Safety, Inc. and Joe Estey, Jr., Performance Improvement Specialist with Lucas OPT for our next Continuing Education Event. 

For the last several years, Mike and Joe have worked together conducting asbestos inspections in places such as churches, homes and universities.  American Safety, Inc and Lucas OPT currently teach Asbestos courses in five states. It is the passion of Mike and Joe to inform residents & workers on the hazards of asbestos. 

Friday, June 25th at 11:30 am PDT. 

What was once Performance Delivered™, to the nuclear industry of SE Washington, is now Driving Performance™ by Lucas OPT™ to domestic & international public and private companies.



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The instructors represent the client with highest regards during class sessions. You would not know that they aren’t CHPRC employees when presenting CHPRC courses. They use the pronoun’s “We” and “Us”, and I think it has a positive effect on the outcome and what we want to achieve. I would definitely recommend Lucas OPT™ to others for training instructors.

Rob Schroeder | CHPRC

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