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The Safe Return of Open Enrollment

Lucas Organizational Performance Team welcomes students back via open enrollment classes.

RICHLAND, Washington:

Companies are prioritizing the health & safety of their employees by choosing Lucas OPT as their training partner. Since September, the OPT has been safely training clientele, on a contract basis, in our Richland Headquarters on CPR, Fire Safety and our ADDIE model training course called Train the Trainer. "We had to change the way we teach due to the new controls with COVID, but we adapted and re-opened our facility because employee development is important. Helping people learn new skills and techniques in safety is our priority," states Joe Estey, Jr., Performance Improvement Specialist. Lucas is excited to formally announce a return to open enrollment for three of our most sought-after HPI courses: HPI Tools & Techniques Workshop, HPI Leadership Fundamentals and Incident Evaluation & Causal Analysis Fundamentals. The courses are scheduled for July and August 2021. Spaces are filling fast due to continued Washington State COVID Protocols.

"The return to an open enrollment, in-person training, environment is exciting!” says Chris Lucas, VP & COO at Lucas. “The safety measures we put in place late last year for our contract clients have worked. Being a part of this business sector, is a responsibility we take seriously. The OPT teaches techniques to reduce error, I was impressed by the adaptation of our internal processes to promote the safety of our students, trainers and staff.”

In-person, open enrollment does not mean Lucas will stop innovating training techniques. There are some new realities in business operations; one of these is a continued prioritization of virtual environments. Lucas, in an effort to reach all our clientele’s training needs, is developing a system of hybrid learning environments. These environments aim to further incorporate virtual attendees into the classroom. “We’ve invested in new technology, developed video & digital content and offered high quality training this past year. Why would we slow our momentum just as the business community reaches the uphill slope of another operational change?”, continues Lucas. The introduction of the Matterport technology and the licensing of ON24 software is just the beginning. Virtual worksite modeling and OnDemand training are exciting developments.

Safety professionals, business owners and individuals looking to further their knowledge & career, are encouraged to visit for more information and to register for these courses.

About Lucas OPT

Lucas OPT launched in 2019 as a division of Lucas Engineering and Management Services, Inc. The original market for Conduct of Operations and Human Performance Improvement expanded into Root Cause Analysis, Conduct of Work, leadership development and safety management. The OPT serves clients in the ESH&Q departments of both public and private sector companies. Operating domestically in the United States and abroad the OPT has three core operational spaces: Development, Assessment and Mentoring. Inquiries for services can be made to or on our website at Lucas OPT is headquartered at 3160 George Washington Way, Suite B Richland, WA.


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